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A masterpiece of modernist architecture listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and attracts architecture aficionados worldwide

Brasilia, capital of Brazil.

Why Not Go

Brasilia was a city built for the car, not the pedestrian. Accident rate in the Pilot Plan are five times higher than rates in North America. There are few opportunities for people to walk anywhere because the city has only superhighways. Although there are some underground crosswalks, they are poorly lit and a haven for muggers.

the greatest criticism of Brasilia is that it is a culturally inappropriate city. Brasilia is based upon European ideas, not Brazilian ones.

Brasilia is a very de-centralized city with many little strips of shops which typically service a residential neighborhood.

If you don’t like architecture.

Expensive city

Why Go

If you’re interested in modern architecture, you’ll easily spend a few days visiting the city’s impressive buildings and monuments, Brasília’s remarkable archictectural style is unique even among the world’s other planned cities.

It is also the only city in the world constructed in the 20th century to achieve World Cultural Heritage designation by Unesco.

Best Time to Visit

March – July: clear days and comfortable temperatures around 22°C/75°F
August – September: Hot with temperature rising to 38°C
November – February: Rainy season

Do not that it’s nearly impossible to get a room during major political events.

Where to Stay

Where & What to Eat


My to do List

Pay homage to Kubitschek whose unique vision is responsible for Brasilia at the Juscelino Kubitschek monument, also visit the JK museum nearby, its a bit like a Brazilian version of Lenin’s tomb stuffed with memorabilia from Kubitschek’s years in office, including one of his limousines.

Go to the TV tower and ascend to get a view of the layoout of the city. Here you can see the city in its entire architectural splendor, all for free!

Head down the fuselage of the city plan towards the lake ( it really is designed on the basis of an aircraft). The obvious points of interest are the cathedral which iceberg like is mostly below the surface, the rows of Ministry buildings and down until you get to the camara. If it’s not in session you can visit both the senate and deputies chambers and snap away to your hearts content.

Take in the Praça dos Três Poderes and do look at the Treasury and Supreme Court. If you cross the road you can see the Presidential Palace.

The Santuário Dom Bosco is worth a visit for the remarkable stained glass windows.

Stay Away From

Getting There

Many domestic flights make stopovers in Brasília, so it’s easy to catch a plane to almost anywhere in Brazil. Flights to Rio are 1½ hours; to São Paulo, one hour 20 minutes.

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